Connect with the Rhythm of your Home.

From planning your daily rhythm to whole foods recipes to informative and inspiring articles, the following links will help you animate a family rhythm you love. The library is frequently updated so make sure to check back here often.

Sample Weeks from the Guides

Sample Weeks from the Guides

Weekly samples from each season of the Whole Family Rhythms Guides for you to enjoy with your little ones.
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Waldorf Window Star

Waldorf Window Star

Printable directions on how to create a beautiful waldorf-inspired winter window star.
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Honey and Oat Muffins

Honey and Oat Muffins

A delicious and warming wholesome recipe from the Whole Family Rhythms Winter Guide.
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Five Handmade Christmas Gifts your Children Can Help you Make Right Now

Five Handmade Christmas Gifts your Children Can Help you Make Right Now

A free printable mini e-book with recipes and directions for Golddust and Cinnamon Saltdough, Handmade Lotion Bars, Homemade Granola and Festive Pomanders.
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How to Create a Calm and Collected Family Mealtime Rhythm

Steps to creating a more balanced, calm and connected mealtime rhythm with young children.

Creating a Waldorf Inspired Summer Rhythm

A free printable ‘Summer Vision Board’ to help you create a joyful and fun Summer Rhythm at home with your young children.

Rhythm: Helping Young Children with Everyday Transitions

Ideas to help your child move through daily transitions with more ease and less struggle.

Planting and Nurturing Seeds of Gratitude

Some ideas to help you model and foster loving gratitude within your home.

Rhythm : How to get Started with Waldorf-Inspired Drawing

What you need to create and inspire a weekly (or daily!) drawing rhythm at home with your children.

Creating a Waldorf-Inspired Autumn Rhythm

FREE printable Autumn Rhythm Vision Board to help you create a bountiful Autumn Family Rhythm.